Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange for your Real Estate transaction

As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity and acceptance increases, more people ask themselves what platform they should use for their investments, buy, or sell high-value assets.

It is critical to consider several options before settling for a specific crypto exchange. In other words, one of the most important things is choosing the right crypto exchange partner when you are buying real estate or other luxury goods. Below are a few reasons why you should select XEROF as a partner.


At present only repayment mortgages are available as following the market crash in 2008 the Bank of Spain informed banks that interest only products should be withdrawn from their portfolios.


A Nordic team of experts from many fields of business (with more than 25 years of experience) founded the company. Real Estate, Investments, Fintech and Cryptocurrency, are just some of the business interests of our forward-looking and dedicated team members.


The need for a secure crypto exchange is self-explanatory, and managing assets on a stock exchange mean trusting someone else with one's money. That's why XEROF has the next-generation digital asset security and combines the wallet technology, MPC-CMP, with hardware insolation to create a multi-layered security technology. By choosing XEROF as your crypto exchange partner, you are choosing a reliable licensed Swiss virtual asset service provider.

Ease of Use

It takes three short steps to become a customer and only two further steps to make the exchange (Crypto to CHF/USD/EUR to pay the seller). XEROF acts as your financial partner, and all actions are based on your purchase contract. You can carry out high-value transactions through our secure OTC trade desk with a dedicated relationship manager.

User Experience

Yes, we at XEROF know this is important. The user interface is clear, understandable, and up to date. All crypto exchange transactions are made directly with your relationship manager and the OTC trade desk department.

Do you have any additional questions? If so, please email [email protected]